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For many, beaches in the coastal resort town of Vung Tau, some 150 kilometers from HCMC, are familiar getaways. Thanks to its location, it is where people, especially from HCMC, can find a place to escape work and noise and unwind on a weekend.
A view of The Imperial Hotel in Thuy Van Street in Vung Tau City

A view of The Imperial Hotel in Thuy Van Street in Vung Tau City

For years, Vung Tau has been a favorite destination for locals from neighboring provinces. It is estimated that 90% of the visitors to the resort town are Vietnamese vacationers. This can be seen in festival or holidays occasions, when the beaches are often full of vacationers. For that reason, hundreds of hotels on main streets and numerous inns on narrow alleys are Vị trí đặt quảng cáoopen to cater to the accommodation demands of travelers.

The Imperial Hotel, located on Thuy Van Street that stretches along the famous Back Beach, is poised to open in the coming days. This is the first-ever five-star hotel in the city, targeting high-end vacationers and business travelers and contributing to diversify the accommodation segment to entice expatriates.

As its name suggests, the Imperial Hotel reflects glorious architecture from the past and the luxury and prosperity of life in western countries. Here is the Victorian Era.

The hotel has seven floors with 144 rooms named after palaces and imperial family names. Standing in gray against the blue sky, the hotel’s design makes guests feel cozy with yellowish light covering dark red facilities, recalling a nostalgic time.

It seems an exaggeration to say The Imperial Hotel is a gallery, but it is something like that. There are some 3,000 paintings hanging throughout the hotel. Guests can contemplate the pictures on ceilings, from the lobby, from the corridors and inside their rooms. Most pictures are reproduced and feature the daily life of western ladies in the past, legendary characters or landscapes featuring a certain period in time.

Unlike other hotels in the city, the five-star hotel is designed with an overpass crossing Thuy Van Street so that guests can walk from their rooms to the private beach without worrying about traffic on the road. The hotel is also designed for helicopter landing on the fourth floor.

Sven A. Saebel, general manager of The Imperial Hotel, says the helicopter service is still waiting for approval and will be ready next year.

In another highlight, the open-air garden is where vacationers can indulge themselves on the crystal-like water of two swimming pools, or relax in two Jacuzzi pools nearby. Sports nuts can play a one-hole golf course or work up some sweat on the tennis court.

As night falls, the green garden sparkles under torch light where guests can have dinner or taste barbecue while the Filipino band fills the air with song. From the garden, guests can follow a narrowed staircase leading to the spa section, where they can relax with health recovering services or stop in at the fitness center.

Besides three ball rooms in which the largest can accommodate 600 people, the hotel has four restaurants serving seafood, international and Chinese dishes.

The hotel’s general manager says the hotel is scheduled to open next year, but it is rolling up its sleeves to finish the project sooner than expected to welcome ladies who come to the resort town to vie for the Mrs. Vietnam Pageant 2009 trophy on September 15, which is organized by Ciat Advertising and Trade Fair Joint Stock Company. The winner of the competition will go to the Mrs. World Pageant 2009, which is also organized in Vung Tau on September 26.

The five-star hotel says in the early stage of opening it will offer rooms at US$168 per night on the weekend, inclusive of breakfast and seafood barbecue for two, and US$125 per night during the week.
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