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Saigon may well be an alluring city with its bustling motorbikes during the day and its hustling cafes, bars, restaurants and cinemas at night, but for those who need a break, physically, mentally and spiritually, from this city’s frenetic pace, there are plenty of day trip options out of the city such as Giang Dien Waterfall, Can Gio Mangrove Forest and Cao Dai Temple, so-called Cao Dai Cathedral, in Tay Ninh District, 95 kilometers from the center of HCMC.

Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh

Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh

Cao DaiTemple is a magnificent architectural work with 12 doors and a greatsurrounding wall. The compound includes a green park and two primitiveforests. Built in 1933, the temple honors not only Cao Dai religion butalso Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam.

As the sect’s main headquarters, males must enter on the right andfemales on the left and shoes have to be removed before entering themassive main hall. From the bustle, heat and dust of the outside world,the Cathedral provides a sense of calm, peace and light.

Upon entering the temple, tourists will see serene white-robedpersons mingling with the visitors and attending to offerings. They donot seem to feel invaded and happily answer inane questions.

the Divine Eye

the Divine Eye

Another impression is the Divine Eye encased in a triangle. This isa recurring motif on both walls and ceilings. The sacred inner nave isguarded by gaudy pink pillars intertwined with snarling green dragonscomplete with elongated red tongues.

After examining the extraordinary murals and central altar, which isheavenly adorned with fruit, flowers and, curiously, statues of storks,it’s time to observe the ceremonies.

Before joining a ceremony, tourists are led up a narrow stairwellbehind the main balcony. A small string band accompanies the dozens ofupwardly moving feet with weird and wonderful music. The balcony, whichruns the entire length of the cathedral, holds a frightening number ofinquisitive on-lookers who all peer down on the proceedings. There is ahushed silence and an air of growing anticipation. Tourists will seeCao Dai worshippers spill out from annexes below, adorned in eitherwhite, red, blue or yellow flowing robes, signifying the Buddhist,Taoist and Confucian elements.

The sound of gongs accompanies them as they take their positions onthe vast floor space below. Rows and rows of gracefully attiredworshippers kneel down before the elevated altar. Gongs beat time withthe string instruments and harmonious voices chant as in a surrealdream.

One of the murals depicts such disciples as French poet Victor Hugo(apparently highly praised as a busy intermediary spirit) and ChineseNationalist Leader Sun Yat Sen. Monkeys and many kinds of seasonedtrees help make the experience even more pleasant.

At each festival of the year, the temple is animated with flows ofpilgrims, lion, dragon, phoenix and turtle dances and colorfuldisguising festivities, parades and boat trips.

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